The flames dance in my fireplace; I am entranced by them. I sit here with a hot cup of coffee wondering what today holds
for me. Will this be the day my life finds its ultimate purpose with a “road to Damascus” experience that changes me
forever? Who knows right now; it’s still early in the day and all kinds of things can happen.

I was reading today of Saul and how God interrupted his life to move him into His plan for his life and into his destiny. His
experience that day, as you know, was a tremendous moment of encounter with Almighty God. Perhaps today there will be
some powerful encounter with God for me. I hope so.

My day-timer tells me that I have to be a certain place at 10:00am. There are several things I need to do before I leave, so I
hurry to wrap around them. I am out of the door and into the day. Before I know it, it is lunch time. I’ve got a lot
accomplished this morning. That makes me feel good. I like to know that my time is productive. For the briefest of
moments the thought flashes through my mind that so far I have not see the flash of light or the divine voice from the
heavens like Saul did that day. Oh well, there is much day left.

One thing after another fills my afternoon. Busy doing this and doing that; considering this situation, working out that
problem, handling this matter and that. The thought crosses my mind, “Actually, I don’t have the time for a Damascus road
experience!” But, I can’t really explore that thought for very long since I am late for the next thing on my agenda. (Sigh)
Just before I fall asleep, I remember that my desire for the day had been to encounter God in a big way, a dynamic earth-
shaking occurrence. Well, I guess this just was not my day. I drift off to sleep.

Here I sit again, watching the flames dance in my fireplace with my morning coffee in hand….and so it goes.

Now please allow me to alter the scenario a bit in order to see how my life might be richer. Let’s rewind the day and start
all over. While I sit here with coffee cup in hand gazing into the fire, I consider how wonderful it is to be alive and to have
the privilege of fellowshipping with my Father. Just to know He calls me, “Son” is a powerful rush of emotions. My
thoughts turn to all the things I have to do today, but none is more important than these precious moments here in His
presence, so I set them aside for a while to enjoy Him. He has given me a wonderful gift to enjoy; it is called “Today.” I
might not have a Damascus road experience today, but actually today will be better than that. It is walking with Him, talking
with Him, and receiving the full benefit of His presence in my life. It is being led by His Spirit and knowing that His plan for
my life is being lived out one moment at a time. It just does not get any better than that.

We Christians tend to seek the momentous events. But, if we will stop and think for a moment, most of those powerful
bursts of God onto the scene that we read about in the Bible happened because people needed to know God or they had
to be shaken back onto the track He had set for them. Neither should be the case for you and me. We know God; He is our
Daddy. And, we should be walking in His ways and following His design for our lives. If we are, then our days will be filled
with the joys of His presence rather than with explosive interactions. Let’s be like David when he penned the verse
above, let’s be glad about today. The Lord has given us a wonderful gift to enjoy, so let’s rejoice in it. I encourage you to
find pleasure in the little things throughout your day and let God enrich your life.    
Bishop Randy Barnett

Psalm 118:24
"This is the day the Lord has made, we
will rejoice and be glad in it."