The Bible is your key to living a successful life. In its pages is found absolutely everything you need for life and for godliness. (II Peter 1:
3)  For that reason, I encourage you to make Bible study a part of your everyday routine. In this teaching we will look at a portion of the
Book of Hebrews.  Because Hebrews is the most extensive study on our covenant with God it must receive adequate time and attention by
each of us.  We will take our text from the second chapter of this Book.  

    Please read again the first two chapters to re-acquaint you with it. The writer of this Book sets the stage for the his entire letter in
chapters 1 and 2, which is to clearly develop the truth that Jesus holds the preeminent place in God’s scheme of the universe.  But he
moves beyond that truth into an area of doctrine rejected by some because he speaks of the partnership of redeemed mankind with Jesus.
To the unlearned this is a notion of immense theological error; such people fail to properly understand their covenant with God and the
implications thereof and, as a result, fail to receive the whole of truth of the Word.  That will not be you because you have a heart to
receive God’s truth herein.

  The first three verses of chapter two refer to God’s salvation provided to fallen man.  The writer gives an earnest warning in verse one,
that we must give heed to what we are being taught. Notice the word salvation is referred to as “…so great a salvation…”, especially when
compared to anything that went before it, namely the Law of Moses.  It was (and is) so important to mankind that He gave witness to it in
three ways:

1) It was delivered directly by Jesus His Son,

2) It was confirmed by eye witnesses (the apostles),

3) The Holy Spirit, through signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts, further confirmed it.

  In these first two chapters we find interesting insights into how humans and angels interact and how they relate to God and to Jesus.  
This is vital information since from it you learn important things about yourself in God’s scheme.  Here, God reveals His divine order, and it
flows downward as follows:  First – the Father Himself, second – Jesus His Son, next the redeemed, and lastly the angels.  

  One of the most dramatic themes of this passage is the critical role played by man in God’s scheme.  Verse 5 tells you that mankind will
rule the future world; he also reaffirms in verse 7 that man is God’s delegated authority of the earth. (Genesis 1:26-28) Such a lofty position
for man as a ruler smacks against the old religious adage of man being just a “poor old sinner saved by grace.”  When you read that God
has installed you, His covenant child, in this rulership position, it is very difficult to buy into the notion that “I’m just a poor old sinner
saved by grace.” This revelation of your importance to God in His universal plan should cause you to rise to new heights in excitement
over your salvation and who you are in Christ Jesus!  Actually, you are training to rule right now as you learn and grow spiritually.

   Much space is given in this passage to the role of Jesus on the earth as a Man.  This is key to your understanding of your own spiritual
authority on the earth.  Jesus had to be made a flesh and blood man if He was to fulfill God’s plan for man’s salvation. Only man could break
the bondage of sin (vs. 15) and defeat Satan (vs. 14) who had stolen man’s rightful place of authority on earth from Adam, but none could
be found who were blameless.  That is why it took Jesus being transformed into Man to affect the plan of God.

  The Book of Hebrews is the quintessential study on our blood covenant with God.  This truth is once again affirmed in verse 16 when
Abraham’s seed is mentioned. God is referring to you and me right there, and also to every born again believer who has ever accepted
Jesus as Lord and Savior. (Galatians 3:29)  And He mentions this in order for you to comprehend your own calling into greatness in His
kingdom as a son of God and an inheritor of His covenant blessings.

  So, the next time you are feeling low about yourself and asking the question: “Why is God mindful of me?” you can know that He cares
about you because He loves you since you are in the family and because you have a very important part to play in His plan for the
redemption of the earth.   

  Look again to verse 11.  It says: “both He [referring to Jesus] who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one.” This
means they share a common existence as flesh and blood; (His brethren) it further reinforces what Jesus said in John 17:21 about His
people being one with Him and with God.  This covenant concept of oneness declares our existence in Him, our mutual purpose with Him,
and that we possess His power to enforce His authority here on earth.  That is why as it says in verse 8 “…He left nothing that is not put
under him …“ [man]

  Now you can see that neither Satan nor any demonic power can defeat you!  You know that even your own flesh has no dominion over
you!  Sin is a defeated foe as well! May God’s will be done on earth exactly as it is in heaven, and may His glorious name be praised for this
wonderful revelation! Now that is success!