“…having all sufficiency in all things, may have
an abundance for every good work.”
II Corinthians 9:8
 The Kingdom of God is a glorious realm!  The Kingdom includes the earth along with its atmosphere and heaven itself [the
abode of Almighty God]. On the earth the Kingdom of God cannot be seen because it is a spiritual kingdom.  However,
because we who are of the Kingdom of God [born again Christians] exist in the physical realm of the earth, the Kingdom
therefore also includes that part of the earth realm under the Kingship of God. (Psalm 112)  The people of God comprise the
Church, which is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on the earth.  

  Jesus teaches us to pray that the Kingdom of God and His will should be on the earth and be as it is in heaven.  When we
see the snapshot of heaven in the Book of Revelation, we can get an idea of what God desires for His people here on earth.  
What He wants for His church is a glorious thing to behold!  Solomon’s temple perhaps is the best physical thing created on
earth that portrays how God wants His earthly realm to appear.  It was the most magnificent edifice ever built.  It was
elaborate.  The temple’s beauty was unequalled because it was the house of God.

 We understand that God does not abide in a physical temple now as He did in Solomon’s time; however, the temple reflects
one of the ways God wants to magnify His glory to all mankind.  He is an extravagant Person and His kingdom is extravagant
to behold.  The church of Jesus Christ should demonstrate His glory even through physical things. (Isaiah 60)

 The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains. (Psalm 24:1) There is untold wealth in the earth, and according to the Bible it is
meant for the people of God to possess and to enjoy. (Genesis 1:26, Psalm 115:16) So, why do we see so few Christians who
are wealthy?  Why does the Church for the most part lack funds to adequately evangelize the earth with the Gospel?  The
answer is clear.  The beliefs of many people need some fine-tuning. If what we believe and practice is error, we do not reap
the benefits of the promises of God.     

 The intent of this study is to produce the truth about money as it relates to God and our service to Him.  It is further to
insure that you and all of the saints of God enter into prosperity and fully enjoy the wonderful benefits of your covenant with
Father God.  Jesus tells us that as we know the truth we will enter into freedom. (John 8:32)  So it will be with the truths about
God’s economic principles of the Kingdom.  As you learn them and they become revelation to you, financial freedom will be
yours.  May the Lord be praised!

   The subject of money and wealth makes up a large part of the Bible.  Much is written about it; therefore, we can assume
that it is important to God and important to us. We discover in the Word of God such things as:
   • instructions about how to use money and manage it wisely,  
   • cautions about pursuing wealth and making money our god,
   • truths that point to God’s desire that we prosper and are rich,
   • and, the truth that money is integral to the worship of God.  

  God makes it abundantly clear that it is His will for us, His children, to be wealthy. (Genesis 24:35, Galatians 3:9) Of course
prosperity is far more than merely having great wealth.  The prosperity of God is a blessed existence in which His people fully
enjoy absolutely every promise He has spoken in the Word.  True prosperity includes spiritual blessings, physical blessings,
emotional well-being material wealth, mental wellness, relational blessings – literally, blessings in every aspect of life.  These
are the promises of God.

What is important for you is to allow the Holy Spirit who is your Teacher to guide you into this truth about prosperity.  Do not
let preconceived notions, traditions of men opposed to truth, or false doctrine separate you from God’s best for you.  Build
your beliefs on God’s word and prosper. The beginning place for this study is the understanding of the basic principle upon
which the doctrine of prosperity is built, namely…

 “Seed-time and Harvest”

 This principle is simple: life begins with a seed.  You were conceived from the seed of your father. The fruit you enjoyed for
breakfast came as a result of someone planting a seed.  Your loaf of bread came from a harvest of wheat that started with
seeds.  Your pets are the end product of seed-planting by their parents.  This principle of seed-time and harvest underlies all
life. (Mark 4:1-32) This powerful truth applies not only to living things but also to things of the Spirit.  Read Galatians 6:9 “
not bedeceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap

  The word “whatever” is an all-inclusive word.  It means just what it says – whatever.  This one verse states definitively that
the principle of seed-time and harvest operates in all aspects of life and in all realms.   Nothing is excluded from it - spiritual
seeds produce spiritual harvests; physical seeds produce physical harvests; financial seeds produce financial harvests. So,
you see here an important truth for you as you develop your understanding of this principle of prosperity - seed-time and
harvest is the means by which God establishes wealth for His children.

   Let’s apply some good old-fashioned common sense to this concept and see what we come up with.  First read II
Corinthians 9:6-11.  Do you see in verse 6 how important it is to sow bountifully?  You know that a single watermelon seed will
produce a vine upon which several melons will grow.  If you plant two seeds, the number of fruit harvested increases
doubly.  What happens if you plant 50 or 100 seeds?  You will reap far more melons that you could eat in a year!  What you are
seeing in this illustration is how seedtime and harvest works.  The more you plant, the greater your harvest.

   Now apply this universal principle of seed-time and harvest to your own finances.  For the sake of illustration we will call a
one-dollar bill a seed.  A dollar planted in the Kingdom of God will produce a harvest of dollars.  Remember: you always reap
far more than you plant.  This is the law of multiplication.  If you increase your planting into the Kingdom to $10.00, you have
ten times the amount of seed in the ground from which your financial harvest will come.  You will reap 10 times more harvests
than if you only planted a single seed.  Now just think what would happen if you really took hold of this truth of prosperity and
planted bountifully.  You would experience financial prosperity!  Shortly, you’d be wealthy! Planting is one of the keys to your
prosperity.  You can look at it like this: no seeds, no harvests; few seeds, some harvests; many seeds, great harvests!  The
choice is yours.  What size harvests do you want?

   Now that you know the importance of planting, let’s discuss how you do this and where.  In II Corinthians 9:7 you read that
God loves a cheerful giver (planter); therefore, understand the importance of your attitude toward your giving.  Give
cheerfully, not grudgingly, knowing that it pleases Father God and that it will produce harvests for you. Your attitude is very

   But where are you to plant?  You are to plant into the Kingdom of God.  First, know that worship of God always includes
giving, or as the Bible calls it our sacrifices.  When you gather with other saints of like precious faith to worship God
corporately, you should include in your worship giving to Him from what you possess and from what you have earned.
(Proverbs 3:9-10)  Next, give to those in need.  There are many directives in the Bible that command us to feed the poor and
needy and care for them. (I John 3:16-18, Proverbs 19:17, Matthew 25:34-40)

 It is vital for you to understand that when you give, it is giving to God.  Whether you give to the poor, or give your tithes and
offerings to your local church, or special offerings to your church or to other ministries, you are actually giving to God.
(Colossians 3:23-24)  Your monies are seeds planted in the Kingdom of God from which you will reap financial harvests.

  You might ask, “But why does God want me rich?”  There are four things for you to consider:
a)  Your Father wants to confirm His covenant to you, and He does that with wealth, (Deuteronomy 8:18)
b) Your Father loves you and wants the best for you, just as any father would. (Matthew 7:11), and
c) Your Father will use your wealth to spread the Gospel.  This happens as you give to the servants of God who
 preach and teach the Word. (Mark 15:40-41, Luke 10:7, Galatians 6:6, I Corinthians 9:7-14, Philippians 4:10-20)
d) And your Father will care for those in need through you. (II Corinthians 8 and 9)

  I rejoice with you that you are now on the path to pleasing God through your financial prosperity. This instruction is a good
first step.  Feed on this teaching along with the verses of Scripture about finances over and over until this truth explodes in
you!  As you prosper you will become vital to Kingdom expansion and to the demonstration of God’s love on the earth.

  I bless you in the name of Jesus our Lord to prosper for the sake of His Kingdom.