Recently I was in prayer on behalf of our ministry partners who generously give into the work of the Gospel. That is when the
Spirit of God spoke these words to me and instructed me to deliver this message to the Body of Christ:

  “My blessings are not optional.”

 There is something in that statement that is powerful, so let’s delve into it and discover what it is. The statement made by
Paul the apostle in our text verse speaks of God’s promises. I like what he says about those promises: he says they are
certain to the covenant people of God. (We must consider that Paul wrote this under the unction of the Holy Spirit) That
statement alone is one that brings strength to me. But think about this: a promise is a statement about something that is yet to
come. The checker at Walmart will not accept a promise to pay for the stuff you bought. What must happen is the promise
needs to turn into a blessing. You can spend a blessing. A blessing is something that is tangible and has value in the world.
So as wonderful as the promises of God are, His blessings are even greater.

 I am reminded of statements from Christians I have heard over the years that sound humble and self-effacing but they
actually counter the will of God for the person. When “Sally” says, “I don’t want to hear about prosperity; I don’t need much
and so I don’t expect much from God.” Is her thinking in line with the Word of God? Sadly, it is not. I commend Sally for not
being selfish or greedy, but she is actually limiting God on her behalf; He is a Daddy that loves to give good things to His kids,
and who declares that wealth and riches are in the house of the righteous. He goes on to say how blessed His people are
who trust Him. Since her heavenly Father desires to bless Sally she is thwarting the will of God by her false notion of humility.

Consider these reasons for you being blessed:
   1. God loves you and wants you to be blessed because of His covenant with you.
   2. Jesus is glorified when the people of God are blessed.
   3. The blessed man can advance the Kingdom of God through his generous giving to God.
   4. Blessings fulfill needs. When your needs are met you can focus on serving God.
   5. Blessed people attract attention and others will desire a blessed relationship with Jesus because of what they see.

 As you consider the above reasons to be blessed do you see why God needs for you to be blessed? In other words, it is not
optional whether you are blessed or not, it is necessary so you can please God, so you can bring glory to Jesus, so you can
fund the Gospel around the world, so you can serve Him with no personal worries, and so you can bring others to Christ
because they see Him bless you. You need to be blessed for many reasons.

 Those who are in covenant with God have access to His promised blessings. You have to be in the family of God to fully
enjoy the benefits that accompany salvation. (Psalm 103:1, Galatians 3:9) Look in Psalm 84; it gives you three keys to being
blessed: 1) Blessed are those who dwell in Your house, 2) Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, and 3) Blessed is the
man who trusts in You! Why all this talk about being blessed? Because being blessed is the will of God for His people.

 It is important to understand that God‘s blessings are not automatic – they must be received by faith. (Galatians 3:6) Faith is
simply taking God at His word just as Abraham did. God promises you blessings; you believe Him and receive from Him. It is
that simple. You enjoy His spiritual blessings in this manner; His material blessings like this; His relational blessings happen
this way; and His physical and psychological blessings as well. In fact, God says to you that He has given to you all things that
pertain to life and to godliness. (II Peter 1:3)

 I call you blessed!
The Blessings Of God Are Not Optional
By Bishop Randy Barnett

II Corinthians 1:20
“For all the promises of God in Him, are Yes, and in
Him, Amen, to the glory of God through us.”