Please allow this apostle of the Lord Jesus to bring a word of instruction to fivefold ministers in the Church. The
instruction the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart has to do with receiving from God the needs we have in our lives
and in our churches and ministries. The truth is this, far too many ministers are not getting their needs met and I am
convinced that in many cases it is because they are looking to people as their source. By the grace of God we will
remedy this problem.

 This week just like most other weeks our ministry has received numerous requests for financial assistance from all
parts of the world. These are not frivolous requests they are legitimate needs, things like purchasing Bibles,
construction costs to build an orphanage, building materials to finish constructing a new church building, money to
travel on an evangelistic trip, food for orphans, medical bills for a pastors wife, tuition for school for the children of a
pastor, ongoing living expenses for those called to the ministry, and the purchase of ministry equipment like
computers, copy machines, and cell phones. In most cases the one making the request cites biblical passages that
deal with generosity or helping a brother in need or what wonderful harvests will happen if we give.

 What a joy it would be for me to be able to respond to each and every request because my heart is to be generous
and it certainly is to see the servants of God blessed and amply cared for. However, the wealth to meet all of these
needs is not in my hands. Actually, it is not my responsibility to meet these needs; God is their Supplier and it is God’s
responsibility. What I often read in these requests are biblical references to the truth that God uses people through
whom He blesses each of us. This is true. God does use each of us to meet the needs of others.

 What troubles me about these requests is that it is apparent we have not properly educated men and women of God
on how to receive from God. They continue to look to man as their Source even though they say they do not. But
anytime I am directly for money, it is clear that person does not have a sound understanding of getting their needs met
according to Scripture. I want to solve this problem with this teaching. What is the Bible way of receiving from God?

Consider the following thoughts:

Seedtime and Harvest. The first truth is to clearly understand that one must have first planted seeds if one is to get a
harvest. There is no hope to see God give us anything if we have disobeyed Him in our tithes and offerings and in our
gifts of charity to strangers, orphans, widows, and others who are impoverished. The law of seedtime and harvest
dictates in what measure we will be blessed. (Luke 6:38 and II Corinthians 9:6) I am surprised to discover how many
pastors and church leaders do not tithe. They wrongly believe that since their lives are given to the work of the Gospel
there is no need for them to tithe. This is incorrect doctrine. (Numbers 18) The principle is this: if you want a harvest of
wheat you must first plant wheat seeds; if you want a harvest of finances you must first plant seeds of money.
Furthermore, even the pastors who tithe often make the mistake of giving their tithes into their own church. The tithe
always retraces the line of authority. The church member tithes to the local church because the pastor is his spiritual
head and stands in spiritual authority over him. The pastor gives his tithe to the apostle Jesus has set in place for him.
(Numbers 18) When we do things God’s way, things go well. (Proverbs 16:25)

Make Your Petitions Known. We are indeed supposed to make our needs known, but to whom? Is it to people who
have money or is it to God. Our Lord desires for us to petition Him for our needs because that act of faith makes it clear
to Him that we are looking only to Him and not to man for our supply. (Philippians 4:19) The moment we look to
someone else and ask them directly for money we have fallen into unbelief and God is unable then to meet our need.
Let us simply ask God and then He will move upon the hearts of people to be the conduit through which He will supply
our need.

I have no problem with a minister making his need known to the Church in a general sense. For example, if I need
money to buy a plane ticket to go and minister in a foreign land, I might place on the internet a simple statement like

               “Next month I am traveling to Japan and I am trusting God for $3000.00 for plane fare. Please
               join your faith with mine and we will rejoice to see God supply this need according to His riches
               in glory by Christ Jesus.”

It is apparent in this statement who I am looking to for the supply – I am looking to God and not the people who will
read it. I know the Holy Spirit will move on certain people’s hearts. He will choose who will give. We will receive the
request made of Him because He is Jehovah Jireh – the One who Supplies. It is good to ask other Christians to believe
with me in faith because then we are employing a very powerful spiritual principle – the principle of agreement.
(Matthew 18:19)

Do Not Give Up. There is usually a growing season between the time we sow the seed and we reap the harvest. The
important thing to remember is to not grow wearing during the growing season. (Galatians 6:9) This is where many
believers fail. They give up too soon and therefore are not able to receive what they believed God for. Once you have
made your request known to God and have applied true faith to it, you have the absolute assurance that God will meet
that need.

God Is Not Limited. Oftentimes the requests for funds come to us from developing nations in which the economy is
weak and poverty abounds. My heart goes out to these previous brothers and sisters in Christ because of this. But the
good news is this: God is not limited to the economy of a nation and His principles and promises work despite such
things as war, poverty, disease, etc. Isaac prospered in a year of drought and famine, so can each of us! (Genesis 26)
God can get money to each of us in a million ways, so never fall to the deception that your circumstances dictate
whether you can prosper. God is not limited!

Spiritual Warfare. If you serve Jesus Christ you have an enemy that is determined to destroy you and to hinder your
capacity to function in the Kingdom of God. Satan has learned that financial lack is one of the most effective weapons
against the Gospel. He knows that money is actually the lubrication of the Gospel, so if he can keep the servants of
God from prospering he can hinder the work of the Lord. The truth is this: the devil cannot do anything to you that you
do not give him permission to do. Matthew 16:19 declares that we have been given the keys to the Kingdom of God.
What are those keys? They are the weapons of binding and loosing. Binding the evil one from operating against us
means we forbid him and limit what he can do. Loosing is the act of releasing warring angels to do battle on our behalf
and to win the victory over darkness. The man of God who does not understand spiritual warfare or the one who is not
diligent to stand against the devourer will never prosper financially even though he is child of God and has full access
to the Kingdom of God and all the benefits associated with it. I admonish you to be diligent each day to bind and loose,
in this way you are dictating what happens in the realm of the spirit around you and all that pertains to your life.

Walk in Love. Your love walk is very powerful thing. When you demonstrate the love of God to others you position
yourself to receive from God; however, when there is strife or hatred or other interpersonal problems we tie the hands
of God so He cannot move on our behalf. This has caused many servants of God to have financial lack in their lives
and many have had their families destroyed because of it. Walk in love at all times. Let love prevail.

Be In A Faith-filled Atmosphere. The truth is this: we will become like those around us. That is why we must be
careful to remain in an atmosphere where great faith is and where love abounds. Being around Christian people like
this helps us to remain strong in faith and to stay above petty interpersonal problems that erode our faith and steal
from us. The local church is a direct reflection of the pastor. If the pastor is a man of faith, there will be great faith in the
saints; if the pastor is weak, that weakness will flow down to the church family and they too will become weak. Create
in your church the atmosphere of faith and love and things will go well for you.

Receiving From God
By Bishop Randy Barnett
                                  My Daily Declaration of Prosperity

I decree and declare that I am a covenant partner with God. I am blessed with
believing Abraham and I lack no good thing. God is my Source and He meets
my every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Everything
that pertains to life and godliness has been given to me and I receive it all by
faith. I am rich toward toward God. I have given to Him bountifully so I reap
bountifully. Financial prosperity is mine by covenant promise and His
abundance comes to me in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and
running over. Wealth and riches are in my house. I am blessed that I might be
a blessing for I have abundance for every good work in the Kingdom of God.
Jesus Christ is glorified through me. Amen.