The SERVANT of God is a vessel of use for God and He has the right to call upon us anytime He chooses.  The servant of the Lord must
be able and ready to properly minister 24/7, 365! Notice the wise admonition received by the young preacher Timothy from the great
apostle Paul in II Timothy 4:2: “
Preach the Word!  Be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and

  He was told to be instant.  This same admonition applies to you and to me, as well.  We might say it like this: we must be ready without
notice and without prior preparation to function in our calling to minister the Word of God.  This places a great demand upon us to keep
ourselves fit for service at all times and under all circumstances.  In fact, there is no time clock from which we clock out from our work.  
This is not to imply that we do not have recreational time, family time, and take vacations, for indeed these things are necessary to
retain a balanced life. It means, however, that even when we are fishing at the lake or site seeing in Africa, we are to remain in a state of
readiness for Kingdom service and expectation that He will use us somehow.

  As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we first must understand that we are not our own.  Our lives do not belong to us once the
mantle of God’s calling has been applied to us.  Our time is not ours.  We are the Lord’s.  Yes, indeed, we are sons, and covenant
partners, and one with Him; however, as it relates to our Kingdom service, we are God’s servants. As such we do not have the leisure to
do as we please, this is why we are always “on the clock.”

                                                                                        SPIRITUAL PREPAREDNESS

  Now we see why Paul wrote what he did to Timothy.  Being “instant” is important to a productive and fruitful ministry. Many times the
occasion will arise in which we are called upon to let God’s anointing flow through us on behalf of some hurting soul.  We must be able
to handle that duty effectively, and this requires that we live in a spiritual condition conducive to ministry.  Let’s be honest with
ourselves and admit that this places a stringent demand on us as the servants of God.  We cannot afford to be lax spiritually.  We must
be prayed up and ready to answer the call.

                                                                                            SOUL PREPAREDNESS

  Spiritual readiness is critically important, as can see; however, that is not all there is to our being ready to minister to someone in the
name of Jesus. In fact, the downfall of ministers in this regard is they are not properly schooled in this study on preparedness.  They are
not ready to rise to the occasion when it shows itself. Somehow they believe that when they leave the church office behind, their duties
are suspended until their return to the church.  This is wrong thinking. The problem here is a failure to remain at a heightened state of
readiness mentally, emotionally, and even as it relates to their want to. (their will) These three components comprise our soul.  So, what
we are talking about here is keeping our soul ready and usable for the Lord’s sake.

                                                                                           PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS

  We ministers are only as effective in ministry as our physical bodies can stand.  If they get weary or break down, our level of ministry is
vastly diminished or thwarted altogether.  This shows us the need for physical health and strength. Furthermore, of we are preaching
and teaching the full gospel (which includes health and healing) it should be that we have found it already to be effective in our own
life.  The man or woman of God is an emissary of Jesus Christ and should therefore function as He functioned, and that I am sure must
include being well and whole in all regards.

                                                                                                PERSONAL MINISTRY

    As a servant of the Lord, we must be able to handle people on a
one-on-one basis, as well as, stand in the pulpit to proclaim the
Gospel.  This is referred to as personal ministry. Personal ministry is an effective and powerful ministry tool that usually has immediate
rewards.  In reality personal ministry utilizes the very same anointing that corporate ministry uses only the scale and scope of the
ministry is smaller.  Whether we teach, exhort, or heal 100 people or 1 single person, the same anointing is needed.

    Personal ministry can happen anywhere, and for that reason the minister must be prepared and willing to perform the function of
personal ministry.  It may have the appearance of a formal setting such as pastoral counseling or it can be on isle #2 at the grocery store
next to the cereal display. Because we do not know when we will be called upon to minister in this way to some person, it behooves us
to stay ready spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.

Here are some helpful hints in ministering to people one-on-one:

1. Ask permission. If you do not have direct authority or delegated authority over the person who is to receive ministry, ask permission
from them before you pray with them or lay hands on them and be certain to remain sensitive to their responses.  If the recipient of
ministry is a minor, it is often good to ask the parent(s) for permission to minister prior to doing so.

2. Be bold.  Ministry is reserved for the strong.  Ministry has no place for reticence or hesitation.  You are anointed and that, in and of
itself, is sufficient to propel you strongly forward in any situation and see the hand of God deal with whatever you face.  Trust the
anointing of God that is upon you.  He will indeed be faithful to you.

3. Do not give advice.  Spiritual counseling is instruction in the Word of God and does not include our own thoughts on any given
subject or telling the person what we would do in a similar situation. Our task is to lead them to the Truth; nothing more, nothing less.

4. Be very careful when ministering to someone of the opposite sex.  It is not advisable to be isolated with such a person if at all
possible. When it is can be done, have women to minister to women and have men to minister to men. This avoids many potential
problems and also removes the appearance of evil from those who would suppose that evil.

5. Maintain good personal hygiene and cleanliness yourself Such things as bad breath, dandruff, or body odor in the one ministering
can block the person’s ability to receive from him/her. As personal representatives of Jesus Christ we must maintain a clean and
dignified presence.

6. Look them in the eye.  Personal ministry is a time when the recipient of ministry needs assurance and strength because they may be
unsure about spiritual matters, and in fact people are often ill at ease around an ordained minister. Set them at ease will a pleasant
expression and allow your eyes to reveal the love of Jesus and your own genuine concern for them and their situation.  It is almost
always advisable to stand in front of the person when administering the anointing of God to them.

7. Avoid being overly spiritual.  Most folks do not talk the same talk as you.  They are not versed in theological language and perhaps
have little if any knowledge of the Word of God.  Simplicity is the best way in which to Minister; it will help to insure that what you have
done is fruitful and that the fruit will remain.

8. They must remember Jesus.  What is important is that they are impressed with Jesus Christ; not that they are impressed with the one
ministering. For that reason it is important to constantly remind them that it is Jesus who is healing them or comforting them.  The
natural response un-spiritual people have to the anointing is to glorify the one through whom the anointing flowed. (Acts 10:25)
Obviously, this should not be the case, and that demands of us the humility and integrity to avoid accepting the glory and to deflect it all
toward Jesus our Lord.

9. Retaining the miracle.  We know the evil one comes quickly to steal what God does in the lives of people. (Mark 4:15)  Knowing this
places a responsibility upon us to see that we briefly instruct the recipient of ministry on how to maintain what God has done.  This
requires us to show them how to stand against the devil and how to make declaration with the Word of God.  Every effort should be
made to bring that person into the house of worship with you so they can be quickly assimilated into an environment of faith and

                                                                                     PERSONAL EVALUATION

                                                   Take an honest look at yourself and ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I really always ready to minister to someone?

2. Are there personal aspects of my hygiene or appearance that would be interfere in ministry?

3. Do I demonstrate boldness when I minister to someone?

4. Do I tend to give advice rather than counsel according to the Word of God?

5. Do I truly trust God’s anointing that is upon me to do His will each and every time I minister?

6. Is my style of ministry simple enough for everyone to receive from me?

7. Do I accept praise for what God does through me?

8. Do people really remember Jesus after they encounter me?

9. Do I properly maintain myself spiritually, physically, and in my soul?

10. Is Jesus happy with my ministry on His behalf?