This lesson is for believers in Christ Jesus. If you have not made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life by being born again, I encourage
you to make the best decision of your entire life and ask Him into your heart.  You’ll be glad you did!  If you need guidance, find a
Christian and get help.

Now, may I speak directly? The Lord Jesus is calling for His Church to grow up spiritually – for you to grow up spiritually.  It is time for
you to get out of the “Me! Religion.” Jesus desires true relationship with you.  You are not the center of the universe, and everything
that happens does not revolve around you.  Nor does your faith in God simply afford you access to His blessings.  One of the most
effective weapons used by the evil one against believers is “self.” When you focus on yourself, your eyes are not on Jesus.  You
begin to lose sight of Truth and what is lasting and real. You waiver in faith and your commitment to the Lordship of Jesus weakens.  
You displease your heavenly Father, which is the worst thing of all.  Now is the time to rise above this evil and once again serve the

Please read our text passage of Scripture found in Matthew 25:14-30.  This teaching will benefit you greatly. The story is about a
wealthy man who entrusted his goods to three servants.  Two servants were commended and rewarded for being good stewards; the
third servant was slothful and was cast out.

This story is pertinent to you. God is like the master in the story and you are one of His stewards.  A steward is someone who has been
entrusted with the wise management of his master’s wealth.  You have been entrusted with much by God. (His Word, His Spirit, the
anointing, His promises, His righteousness, etc.)  So, the question is this: “What are you doing with what He has entrusted to you?”  
Actually, there are only two possible answers to this question: 1) You are being faithful as a good steward, or 2) You are not being a
faithful steward.

It is important to note in our story that the master did not give anything to his servants, even though the word gave is used in the
Bible.  The word is more accurately interpreted entrusted.  We know these were not gifts because the master required an accounting
of what he has entrusted.  Had these been gifts, per se, no accounting would have been required since one does not do so with a
gift.  Such is the way it is with God and what He has entrusted with you.  Anything and everything you have is really not yours at all – all
is His. (Psalm 24:1)  And, just like the master in the story, your heavenly Father is requiring of you an accounting of your stewardship.
Notice what the good stewards did with what they had been entrusted.  In each case, they used the wealth to produce more wealth.  
The concept is simple: good stewardship has increase as its goal.  If preservation had been enough, even the third servant would
have been rewarded.  But as we see, preservation is unacceptable.  So it is with God.  He expects us to apply the principle of
increase to all He has entrusted to us.  As we are faithful in this endeavor, God will reward us just as their master rewarded the
faithful servants.

Now is the time for you to honestly assess your own stewardship of God’s assets that He has given to you to use for the furtherance
of His Kingdom.  This assessment is accomplished by asking yourself the hard questions that demand honest answers.  I am confident
of your love for God and your desire to please Him; therefore, I know you will press in to this self-evaluation with honesty and
openness.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) What have you done with the blessing of salvation you freely enjoy?  Have you shared the gospel with others so they can be saved?

2) What have you done with the promises God has given to you in the Word?  Have you made certain they are manifested so Jesus
can be glorified?

3) What have you done with the Word of God?  Have you used it for selfish purposes and not used it to carry the burdens of others
and minister to their needs?

4) What have you done with the anointing of God that is on your life?  Have you laid hands on the sick to see they are made well?  
Have you set the captives free by delivering those who are oppressed by the devil?

5) Have you hidden your righteousness under the proverbial basket rather than allowing it to shine in the darkness thus leading
others to Jesus?

Did you notice the commendation each of the faithful servants received from their master?  
"He said to them, Well done, good and
faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

Those are the words you want to hear from God, aren’t they?  Indeed you will hear these words one day as you are faithful in your
stewardship to Him.  Receive my blessings over your stewardship as you please the Lord Jesus in your serving.