There is a very important Kingdom principle found in this verse that every church leader must clearly understand. It is a
spiritual concept inclusive in Kingdom leadership; it is the principle of the sphere. We find the apostle Paul use this term
sphere in his second letter to the churches in Corinth. (II Corinthians 10:12-18 NKJV) From his use of the term we get a clear
picture of the meaning of the word; it means his spiritual territory; his assigned spiritual region; his area of responsibility.
Kingdom leaders must understand that none of us has carte blanche authority anywhere and everywhere but rather we are
divinely assigned a certain spiritual domain in which we operate and in which our authority is recognized. We are effective
and fruitful only within our sphere but no so outside of it. We must understand that the anointing we carry aligns only with our
divine commission from Jesus to our sphere.

    In our text verse above we see Joshua declaring something powerful on behalf of his sphere, which in this case was his
natural family. He knew his authority within his sphere and had made the decision on behalf of all those within his sphere that
they would not serve other gods but would serve the one, true God Jehovah. He could not decide for other families, as we
see from this verse, because he had no authority within those families as he did within his own. Each of those families had to
make this choice themselves. The one in authority in each family was required to decide for his house.

    I remember the day when I was in prayer for our ministry around the world; I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to speak over
“my house.” My initial thought was that He was referring to my immediate family, but that was not His thinking at the time. He
deemed “my house” as the spiritual territory over which He had set me. “My house” seemed to be a strange term given the
fact that our ministry covers numerous regions of the globe and thousands of people. But in the mind of God, this was my
house. I was like a Daddy in a family. I was to view my house as any father would his own family and home. My Kingdom
terminology was altered that day, as was my understanding of my sphere.

    Spiritual authority is a powerful thing. It happens only by the work of Jesus who is the Head of the Church. In other words,
spiritual authority is a divine act Jesus makes to set in place the one He chooses to do what He has established. Jesus chose
His twelve disciples. They did not apply for the job nor were they set in place by virtue of merit or blood line. The one in
authority alone possesses the authority to operate within his assigned sphere and Jesus illustrates this principle in His
earthly ministry. This is key concept for us to understand because we must know that we are not where we are because of
our own doing but we were positioned by Jesus to fulfill His plan for our lives and for His Kingdom.

   There is no other voice that carries the absolute weight within a house like the one who stands in authority over that
house. Others may be delegated certain tasks within the house but each operates under the headship of the one set in place
by Jesus as the head of the house. There were many elders (fivefold ministers) in the region of Ephesus and each was a
servant of God called and anointed by Him for the work of ministry. We see Paul issue an apostolic command beckoning them
all to come to Miletus for a meeting of leaders. (Acts 20:17) They obeyed this summons because Paul stood in the place of
authority within the house to which Jesus had called him and each of them were a part of that spiritual family and in Paul’s

    The head of the house has the responsibility to set the spiritual tone for the house. Joshua did this when he made the
declaration that he and his house would serve God. Family members within his house had the option of freewill to do as they
pleased but as for the overall tenor of Joshua’s house God was their God and there was none other. A choice made by the
one in authority does not displace the need for each family member to personally love and serve God, and each is ultimately
responsible for his own salvation. But when the house is ruled in righteousness there is a strong anointing upon the house
which strongly inclines everyone in the house toward God. Shepherd, can you see how important you are to your house?
Your words and your actions establish either righteousness or evil in your house. (your church) The principle is this:
As the shepherd goes, so go the sheep.

    The will of God being done on the earth is His goal. The voices of authority by heads of houses are positioned by God and
anointed to help establish His will on the earth. Our small portions of the earth-realm are our responsibility. As more and
more of us are diligent in this regard, the will of God will spread over the earth and His glory will cover it as the waters cover
the sea. Amen. Let each of us declare as Joshua did, “As for me and my house, we serve the Lord!”
Me and My House
By Bishop Randy Barnett

Joshua 24:15
“And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day
whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the
other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell.          
But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”