A Word From The Bishop....
This word of instruction is the second in a series of teachings on the subject of local church leadership. In this lesson, we address what I consider
one of the most crucial factors in selecting men and women who will come alongside you as the pastor; people who will work closely with you
hand-in-hand to fulfill God’s vision for your church. It may be a surprise to you that the selection process for leaders is not based on the level of
education, training, or even on his or her level of spiritual maturity. I believe there is yet a higher consideration that will yield a lifetime of
successful co-laboring; it is what I call the kindred spirit factor.

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be something special between you and certain people? Others that you may truly like and whom you
really enjoy being with may be good friends but that something special just is not there. This something special is not something any of us
creates, nor is it of our own choosing; this is something God does. It is a way He has of placing certain ones together to work jointly in the affairs
of the Kingdom. The relationship between Paul and Timothy is a good example of this kindred spirit.

The principle advantage of having a kindred spirit relationship is that it is so much more productive. The simple truth is this, when two people get
along and work well together, things go more smoothly. When the hindrances are less, the work gets done faster and the workers are happier
and are more fulfilled.

The question is this: “How do you find leaders who possess a kindred spirit with yours?” The answer is, you believe in faith and call them in to
your church. Remember they will be there because God brought them, not for any other reason. So with that in mind, the first thing is not to go
looking for them. This is one area in which a proactive approach is not the right one. It is too easy to be deceived and to make wrong choices
when you are actively looking for the “right one.” I encourage you, however, to keep a watchful eye out for those chosen ones at all times. Real
faith is truly an exercise in expectation, so expect that God will answer your prayer. God wants those kindred-spirited leaders in your church with
you even more than you want them there. Just wait on the Lord; He will bring them in.

Men and women who are of a kindred spirit with you will sense the vision of God that He has placed down deep inside of you. As you
communicate the vision with them, that inner knowing that is a product of a kindred spirit will enable them to grasp it and accept it readily. You
won’t have to convince them it is the right way to go; they will “see” the vision clearly because of the work of the Holy Spirit within them. What a
tremendous advantage it is to have men and women around you with a clear knowledge of what God wants to do. This avoids the problems that
accompany strong-willed people who do not have that kindred spirit with you. You can see how much more smoothly things run because, as they
say, you are all singing from the same page in the hymnbook.

I want to be clear on this thing called the kindred spirit so you do not think it is something it is not. The leader with the kindred spirit is not a
doormat with no opinions or creativity. He is not a “yes man” who never has a thought that does not exactly coincide with yours. Every leader
whom God brings to you is a treasure-chest of creativity, and what a tragedy it would be not to tap into the treasures that are there. The fact is,
you are a human being, and you cannot see everything just exactly right all the time. Therefore, God surrounds you with anointed men and
women who can help you see things. The kindred spirit factor is the mortar that holds the bricks together – it holds your team together even
when there are differing thoughts on a certain subject. It allows for all of the ideas to be heard without creating strife or division. The kindred
spirit is a powerfully unifying force because it directs everyone’s efforts to fulfilling the vision of God rather than defending one’s personal

There are certain things a godly leader should do to help preserve this blessing called the kindred spirit in his leadership team. Consider the

1) PRAY. There is no substitute for praying with your ministry team and praying individually with each one of them. There is something powerful
about praying together; it joins two people as nothing else can. This also demonstrates to your leadership team your own reliance upon Jesus
who is the Head of your church.

2) LISTEN. God has placed the body parts in His body just as He desires. Your leadership team members are there by divine direction;
therefore, the gifts and talents within each one deserve to surface. Let them talk. Encourage their input. And when they speak, listen to what they
say. A word or thought that comes from any one of them might just be the key you have been seeking God about for years.

3) RESPECT. Each member of your leadership team is a precious gift from God to you and to your church. For that reason, they deserve your
ultimate respect. That respect will be demonstrated through the honor you give to each of them, especially publicly. Your church family will
ultimately honor the leaders as they follow your example.

4) REWARD. There is no compliment like the one that comes from your Daddy. In a sense, you as the senior pastor are like a Daddy to the
leaders on your team. So when you tell them they did a good job, it will mean everything to them. Do not limit your rewards just to “thank you’s.”
Practice generosity towards your co-laborers. As the Lord prospers your church, share the prosperity with your leaders. You are not an
employer with the mindset of trying to get the most out of your workers for the least amount of pay, no indeed, you desire their prosperity as
much as your own.

5) RELEASE. Tap into the tremendous wealth of God’s anointing that is within each person on your leadership team. In a sense, you alone
possess the key to unlocking the Kingdom greatness in these leaders. Therefore, release them into their destiny. That is one of the reasons God
has placed them under you. So be sure to move them ever forward, ever higher, into the plan of God for their lives. As they fulfill God’s plan for
them personally, His plan corporately for your church will be fulfilled as well.

The Master Plan of God for His Church relies upon people for its fulfillment. The part of His Master Plan which involves your church also relies
upon those whom God has brought to you. The leadership team is a most valuable asset to you because it is integral to seeing the success God
has shown you prophetically. Treasure each leader and thank God daily for them, and above all, foster and preserve the kindred spirit you enjoy
with them.