. The Ministry License denotes someone who is legally recognized as a ministry representative of Covenant Global Church. The
Licensee is an ordained minister who operates a CGC church or ministry under our spiritual covering. A candidate for Licensure applies for a Ministry
License by submitting a simple application. Once the application is approved, the Certificate of License is issued naming the minister as Licensed with
Covenant Global Church.

ORDINATION. Ordination is the official ceremony of anointing a man or woman into the fivefold ministry as an Elder in the Body of Christ and releasing
him/her into Kingdom service as a Church leader within the apostolic sphere of Covenant Global Church.



      In Ephesians 4:11 we see there are five distinct ministry offices held by Elders. These ministry offices are designated according to their anointing and
their function within the Body of Christ. All Elders in Covenant Global Church operate in one of these ministry offices and their particular ministry
assignment corresponds with the anointing attached to the ministry office in which they stand. Most fivefold ministers stand in a primary office and
may also
operate to a lesser degree in another office.

The following is a brief description of each ministry office:

APOSTLE. The apostle is given the responsibility to develop and oversee a certain spiritual sphere of ministry (realm of authority) established by Jesus
who is the Head of the Church. (see II Corinthians 10:12-18)  He is a visionary who sees the plan of God for that realm of ministry. He is the pastor to the
other fivefold ministers within his appointed apostolic sphere. He is their teacher and their bishop or overseer. His task is as a father to the leaders of the
church. The apostle is not "more gifted" or more important than the others, just equipped differently. Each of the five ministry offices is uniquely anointed.

PROPHET. The prophet is one who "sees" in the spiritual realm with clarity and is like a watchman on the wall on behalf of the apostolic sphere to which
he/she is called. His/her time is primarily spent in the spiritual realm in prayer and spiritual warfare. The prophetic anointing is uniquely designed and
created to recruit and train prophets and intercessors. The prophet's task is Kingdom safety and purity of the vision within the apostolic realm.

EVANGELIST. The evangelist is one who majors entirely on the bringing in of the harvest. Not only is he a soul-winner deluxe, but his anointing also
enables him to equip other believers to win souls and to motivate them to do so. His task is Kingdom expansion.

PASTOR. Pastors are shepherds of God’s sheep. They are the primary care-givers to the saints within the church. The pastor may or may not actually
lead a given church, but he/she is always caring for sheep. The task of the Pastor is maintenance and spiritual growth of the saints of God and the Pastor
is the primary discipler of the saints.

TEACHER. Teachers feed the Word of God to the people of God at a deeper level. The Teacher possesses a unique and highly developed anointing to
see truth and to rightly divide the Word in such a way as to glean every truth from It. The task of the Teacher is to deliver to the Church God's Kingdom
truth. Usually a teacher has been anointed to teach in a few specific areas with great insights.

      Each of these offices is known as an “Elder” within the Church of Jesus Christ, and each possesses the ability to teach since I Timothy 3 reveals that
one who is called as a Church overseer possesses the ability to teach. The different anointings
for the various offices is reflected in the manner in which
they teach and the perspective through which they view things. Each is necessary for the Church to be strong and vibrant. When operating in harmony and
unity, the five offices imitate the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ.
License & Ordination
Kingdom of God come, the will of God be done!
Covenant Global Church
      We should avoid placing too much emphasis on the use of titles and designations. It is, however, good to give honor to
whom honor is due, as the Word of God directs. That is why those within a local church should use the title “Pastor” when
addressing or referring to his/her pastor. This does not elevate the man himself, but rather honors the office in which he stands,
thus giving honor to God who first designated the use of the term for the office. This should be to the one who stands in that
office a constant reminder to walk in a manner worthy of the calling and to be ever diligent over the calling of God on his/her
life. The use of such terms as “minister” or “man of God” are terms used to show honor to anyone who is serving the Lord in
the fivefold ministry. It is appropriate to address a minister according to his dominant office, i.e. Teacher, Evangelist, Apostle.