We share these testimonies and letters with you that you might rejoice that God has placed someone in the lives of these precious
men and women of God to encourage them, to instruct them, and to spiritually cover them that they might be able to fulfill the vision
God has placed within their hearts.   All glory goes to Jesus Christ our Lord!
Read What Church Leaders Are Saying...
To My Beloved Tatay, (Papa) Indeed I am blessed with a new father in the faith that really strengthens my faith and
enthusiasm to pursue the work of God... Thank you for your declaration of victory over me... I felt your love when you
were here during our convention in Baguio. Your humility and love felt among the people just like the alabaster box
of ointment... You are the reflection of God and I appreciate how you deliver the message with wisdom and revelation
coming from the throne of God. Your son in Christ. Pastor A

Papa, I trust in the Lord as well as your prayers of faith. Since I joined the Covenant Global Church family God has
been really using me in such very special ways and in the power of His might more than ever before.  Pastor C.

I am one of the delegate pastors who attended your Pastors Conference. In that conference I saw that God's abiding
presence is upon you and His wisdom and counsel is on your lips. You are a father in the faith to many here and I
consider myself as one of them. Could you please help me to experience the life and ministry that God intended for
me and has entrusted to me -  to experience all that God wants in me?  Pastor A

I want you to know that you have helped us so much and the things you have done here in our area are awesome. The
churches you visited and the workers and pastors who attended your seminars are so blessed and they are looking
forward to seeing you again. It has spread to all of Zambales!  Pastor G         

......I need somebody to be my mentor as my spiritual leader in the ministry. You don't know me but I know you because
I was one of the pastors who attended your seminar "The Glorious Church Pastoral Conference 2005." I am praying for
you to be my spiritual leader as God leads you. I hope you reply to my email...   Pastor J     

Your teaching and guidance over the years has been as precious as a foundation of large, solid, well-cut diamond
stones. I do not waver in faith or purpose, this is largely due to the investment you have made in my life......I love you
very much in as much as I remember who equipped me for the service of the ministry and at what cost you remained
faithful.   Apostle B

We need you as our mentor Apostle Randy. You help us through words of wisdom from God's word and can help us
walk through to victory. I have taken notes during your seminars and conferences and I prayerfully go through them
and meditate on them. I want those principles to be established in my heart so that I will always be ready and
equipped to do what God has called me to do. Right now, I am also reading a powerful book by Pastor Kenneth Hagin.
The things you taught us are also being taught in this book. You truly are just like this anointed man of God operating
in the apostolic anointing of the Spirit of God! Hallelujah! I know that your trip was very long but knowing what God
has started to do in the lives of our pastors and workers, it is all worth it!  Praise the Lord!    Pastor R

.....I am always encouraged by your letters and ins truction. I can feel you really care for us. I really need your advice
and encouragement, and I am very grateful to have you as my spiritual father and I know you are always there for me
to pray.... Everybody is expecting your next visit this year.   Pastor P

Thanks Bishop for your love.  It's wonderful to know that there is somebody on the other side of the globe whose
heart is affectionate toward us. May the Father in heaven bless you so much in everything!   Pastor G