Training Fivefold Ministers For Kingdom Leadership

Q - How long does the MIT program take?
A - The usual length of time is one year.

Q - How much does the MIT program cost?
A - The cost is $2400 which is paid in monthly installments of $200 per month.

Q - How do I get started in the MIT program?
A - You need to do four things:
   #1 Contact Apostle Randy Barnett by email expressing your interest in the program.
   #2 Submit the completed Doctrinal Disclosure document.
   #3 Submit the completed Candidate Information document.
   #4 Pay your first month's payment of $200.

Q - Is the MIT program accredited?
A - No. The MIT is not a school or Bible college. It is simply a father imparting to a son or daughter.

Q - How does the MIT program work?
A - It is simple. There is an ongoing communication by email and telephone between the apostle and the candidate.
The candidate receives assignments which will be submitted via email for review. This process continues until the
candidate is deemed fully trained for Kingdom leadership.

Q - What if I want to quit the program before I am finished?
A - A candidate may discontinue the MIT program at any time. Since payment for the MIT program is continual there are
no refunds.

Q - What happens when I have completed the MIT program?
A - If you desire ministerial ordination and licensing you will undergo a review to determine your readiness for Church
leadership. Once you have been approved you will be licensed by Covenant Global Church. For a period of time you
will minister under supervision until such time as you are ordained and at which time you are commissioned into
full-time Kingdom service.
Minister In Training